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Customize the Breadcrumb Section (Pro)

The OliveWP Plus Add-on comes with additional breadcrumb section features that help you to customize the breadcrumb on an enhanced level. Follow the below options to customize the breadcrumb section:

Location: Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Breadcrumb

  • Visibility: You can show/hide the banner section at a time from all devices or any one of the devices. (like Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile)
  • Banner Height: Set the different-different banner section on all devices.
  • Padding: Set the padding of the banner section such as top, right, left, and bottom.
  • Enable/Disable Breadcrumbs: From this option enable/disable the breadcrumb title.
  • Home Item: Change the Home link as text or icon in the breadcrumb title.
  • Enable/Disable Background Image: Enable/Disable the background image of the banner section.
  • Background Image Repeat: Select how the background image of the banner section will be repeated. (No Repeat, Repeat All, Repeat Horizontally, Repeat Vertically)
  • Background Image Position: Select the position for the background image of the banner section.
  • Background Size: Select the size of the background image like Cover, Contain, and Auto.
  • Background Attachment: Select whether the background image is to be Fixed or Scroll.
  • Enable/Disable Banner Image Overlay: From this option, you can show or hide the overlay from the banner image.
  • Image Overlay Color: Change the overlay color of the banner image.

Change the Banner image on 404, Search, Date Archive, Author, and Shop pages

If you want to change the 404, search, date archive, author, and shop pages background image then you can change from the given settings that are shown in the below screenshot.

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