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Customize the Header Presets (Pro)

The OliveWP Pro Add-on provides the Header Presets feature, with the help of this feature you can customize the header.

Location: Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Header Presets

First Layout

When selecting the first layout, the overlay header showing, it is the default layout of the theme.

Second Layout

When selecting the second layout, the menu shows the left side and site identity right side.

Third Layout

When selecting the third layout, the menus and site identity are shown in the center position.

Fourth Layout

When selecting the fourth layout, the site identity and menus are shown in full width.

Fifth Layout

When selecting the fifth layout, the top bar widget in overlay layout and site identity and menus are shown with a background.

Sixth Layout

When selecting the sixth layout, the header is shown with a border radius.

Seventh Layout

The seventh layout is the standard layout of the header.

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