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Overview of the Footer Widgets (Pro)

The OliveWP Plus Add-on comes with footer widgets additional features, follow the below option to customize the footer widgets:

Location: Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Footer Widgets

  • Widgets Layout: Select the layout for footer widgets such as single column layout, 2 column layout, three column layout, etc.
  • Widgets Background Image: Add the background image for the footer widget area.
  • Background Image Repeat: Select how the background image of the Footer Widgets will be repeated. (No Repeat, Repeat All, Repeat Horizontally, Repeat Vertically)
  • Background Image Position: Select the position for the background image of the Footer Widgets.
  • Background Size: Select the size of the background image like Cover, Contain, and Auto.
  • Background Attachment: Select whether the background image is to be Fixed or Scroll.
  • Enable/Disable Widgets Image Overlay: Enable this setting if you want to show the overlay on the background image.
  • Widgets Image Overlay Color: Select the overlay color of the Footer Widgets.
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