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Instagram (Pro)

The Spice Instagram plugin shows the Instagram feeds from your Instagram account on your site in a beautiful way using a shortcode. To add the Instagram feed follow the below steps:

  • Install & activate the Spice Instagram plugin, when the plugin is installed then a new post type will appear with the name of the Instagram.
  • Click on Instagram >> Add New, then create your Instagram feed.
  • After creating the Instagram feed, Publish the changes.
  • After that copy the shortcode from the Spice Instagram Shortcode meta.
  • Paste the shortcode where you want to show the Instagram feeds on your site.

To display the Instagram feeds on your site, you need to add the Access Token. After adding the access token you can display your Instagram feeds on your site where you want to add. To add the access token Go to >> Instagram >> Settings >> add Access Token in the input filed and Save the changes.

How to Get Instagram Access Token

Step 1:- Register an Application on Facebook for Developers

You need to “Create an App” on Facebook Developers before getting the Access Token. To create an Access Token follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Facebook Developer website then login with your Facebook account details.
  2. Click on the “Getting Started” menu then confirms your account details to create a Facebook for developers account.
  3. After confirming your account details redirect to the Apps page.
  4. Clicking the “Create App” button then a model window will appear.

Select an option, what do you need your app to do. Then click on the Next button.

Then a pop-up window appears with the following information, where you need to insert the information.

  • App Display Name: Add a name for your app.
  • App Contact Email: The email address is used to contact you about potential policy violations.
  • Do you have a Business Manager account: In case, have a Business Manager account, you can connect it.

Step 2:- Configure Instagram Basic Display

After successfully adding a new App, you will be redirected to a new page where you need to configure Instagram Basic Display and also add a tester.

Click the Instagram Basic Display option.

You will be redirected to the Basic Display section and scroll the page at the bottom end, click the Created New App button.

Then appear a popup window with the app name so do not need to change it.

Step 3:- Get the Access Token

After creating the New App you will be redirected to the User Token Generator section where you need to add Instagram Tester.

Then add a tester to the Instagram Testers section.

Add the Instagram User Id for the account you want to add as an Instagram Tester.

Login into your Instagram Account you added as the Instagram Tester.

Then navigate to the Settings option.

Go to the Apps and Websites menu and click on the TESTERS INVITE tab, then press the Accept button to approve the invitation.

Again navigate to the Facebook Developers dashboard then navigate to Basic Display. Go to the User Token Generator Section and click on the Generate Token button.

Then you need to re-login on your Instagram account to allow the specific permissions before the token is being genrated.

Then a pop-up window appears, copy the Access Token.

Step 4:- Use the Access Token to the plugin setting

Go to Dashboard >> Instagram >> Settings >> paste the copied Access Token into the input box then you will display your Instagram feeds on your site.

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