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How to access the OliveWP Panel

In the theme, the OliveWP Panel is shown as the “About OliveWP” under the Appearance menu. After activating the OliveWP Companion plugin it will be displayed under the OliveWP Companion menu.

You need to install and activate the OliveWP Companion plugin to unlock the additional functionality.

Some features include in OliveWP Panel:

  • Customizer Shortcuts
  • Extensions
  • Changelog
  • Add-Ons and Upgrade options

Home Section

The Home section of the OliveWP panel offers you many options, all options are described below:

1. Customizer Shortcuts:

The customizer shorts are the shortcut way to go on the customizer settings in one click. It helps you redirect to the customizer settings you want to change. For example, if you want to change the Color Settings then you can use the “Color Options” shortcut.

2. Premium Features

This section displays the premium features that help you to know about some features of the premium plans.

3. Useful Links

This area defines some useful links that help users directly visit the demo, documentation, etc.

Extensions Section

The extensions section contained the additional free features that are shown below:

1. Trending Posts

This extension helps you to add the trending posts section to your website. To add the trending posts follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, activate the “Trending Posts” extension.
  • Go to Appearnce >> Customize >> Trending Posts and customize the trending posts section using the given settings.
2. Starter Sites

This extension helps you to import the starter site demo to your website. To import the starter sites demo follows the below link.

Changelog Section

The changelog section allows users to know changes related to the latest update of the OliveWP Companion.

Additional Options

Under OliveWP Panel menu defines some submenus like Contact Us, Support Forum, Add-Ons, and Upgrade. It helps you can purchase & activate the premium Add-Ons from this panel.

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